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With your bloody words seeping from your tongue to me,
And your actions emitting pains to me,
With every inch of it dangling,
And every glean of it jingling,
I shall retaliate with my pen pounding!
You care not to hurt,
You care not to see anyone get caught,
All for your selfish gains.
Listen ! You hurt me and tore my world in pains,
Twisted me till i succumb in chains,
One day is always for the thief,
Today, you will be served without beef.
My pen will be your whips,
My diction will carve your ribs,
Your biography will be well written,
Pasted on the wall for it to be well seen.
You are a foe with unclear identity,
Worry not on how to maintain and sustain that entity,
An epitaph i will coin in you name in an unmarked grave that has no security.
Never aim to get anyone along in your perilous quest,
Better get along soon in your path for no one will heed to your request,
You know you don't belong here, alone you shall die without a tag along guest.
With my pen i shall mar you,
Every structure and style with its diction will retard you,
I shall use my pen to design your soul,
Wake up ! It's your time to get cursed on the death row.
Thousand folds of it will roll and ten thousands will gravitate to your row,
None shall elude you to remind you of the game you've started,
You've served yours ! Now it's your turn to get served in what I've plotted.
Enjoy the writer's meal, it's a writer's curse!
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines 


  • Apr 27, 2021

  • Apr 28, 2021

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