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•	Take a look at the system
Since the HVAC systems  in most homes are typically kept out of site with only their openings being visible to the outside, it is difficult for most people to know what they are looking at let alone identify defects in the system. Therefore, before heading to your new place, conduct research on the components of the unit so that you can quickly identify an issue when you see one.

•	Enquire about age
Most quality HVAC systems run for ten to fifteen years, so inquiring about the age of the one in your considered home gives you an idea of how much time it has before a replacement is required. However, there is no need to run for the hills if the unit has been running for a long time. If proper maintenance has been carried out over the years, then it will have a lot longer than a fifteen-year limit left on it.

•	Request information on repairs and upkeep
The proper functioning of an HVAC system for a long time is highly dependent on regular maintenance. Among the best ways, you can tell about the condition of the unit is by asking about how the previous owners carried out maintenance. The question of whether these checks were regular and by a  reputable air duct cleaning  company or if the professionals were only called in when there was a problem with the system.


  • Apr 26, 2021

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