Sempiternal Woe Read Count : 15

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Striving for completion to this madness that I've come to know,

This strife has no end, unbalanced as the darkness starts to glow, 

Neverending affliction against my battered heart that's in escrow,

Every step forward has me shoved backwards by evils shadow,

Pleading for the solution, I've looked everywhere for peace to let go,

Withering under the heavy handed mallet of madness from long ago,

I must stay strong and pick myself up, for I'll never to let defeat show,

Even when my world stops and I'm without support in this tornado,

I'm needed more than ever, to stay grounded in this tormented undertow,

Because these situations would consume most with the perilous overflow,

Without a guide or a lent hand to stay afloat, pushing through as a torpedo,

I'm learning to drown as I keep coming back from the misfortunes of below,

It's never-ending in my plight to fix the broken trapped in the frozen snow,

Life slowly chokes my spirit as my heart's in front of a crossbow,

The pains magnified as my trust is broken by those who hold the combo,

Without any levitation from this abysmal prison within a colorful meadow,

I can see the possibilities in front of me, looking at my goals in a rainbow,

The sad truth is I'll never reach this illusion, a hard life placed it's veto,

Any gifts of prosperity are brief, for the enlightenment will end as I tiptoe,

Hoping to hold onto this positivity, I'm sure that I'll lose this by tomorrow,

With barbarity as my spirit guide, I'm trapped in a sempiternal woe.


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