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I am a girl who is a full time caregiver for my grandmother, I'm just going to explain to you what it's like to be a full time caregiver. For those of you who don't understand what it's like and think we are selfish for feeling the way that we do, let me change your mind about the way you feel. First of all I'm a full time caregiver, that's basically twenty four hours everyday seven days a week, second of all it's changing depends for a living, you got to change their depends every 3-4 hours, feed them, bath them, put them in the wheel chair, on the potty seat, give them their medication, there's not much time you can spend away from home. They can't be left alone for no longer than a hour or two, so there's no running out with your friends or boyfriend. Sometimes you feel worned out, or you feel exhausted or frustrated that's normal. If you have kids you will understand what it's like to feel exhausted, but this is taking care of a disabled person which this person can no longer do anything for themselves. Most of us caregivers don't receive help from other family members which can lead to exhaustion, there are times when nothing goes right, like things go wrong all at once and you need your families help but they aren't there or else they want nothing to do with the person you are currently caregiving for. Sometimes you feel bitter about not having help from you're family member, sometimes you feel resentful but that's normal because it is exhausting and it gets frustrating especially when you're family declines to help so you can have a break. Being a caregiver for a disabled person especially a person diagnosed with alzheimers is the most frustrating difficult task you can ever encountered, I will explain to you why, the person who you are caregiving for does not even remember who you are or where they are at. The thing about caregiving is that it's like throwing away you're goals and life and that is what draws anger and resentfulness. You can be setting there wanting to go out with your friends but instead you find out you can't because you have noone to side care while you're out which is also really unfair. Another thing about caregiving is that it causes you to feel tired all the time, instead of waking up taking care of yourself you're taking care of another person and taking shifts when you can get a break so little time you can take care of yourself. You have to get them dressed and ready for their doctors appointments, therapy appointments, you have to do everything for them. There are times when they will go ahead and do things on their own, that also is a bug to your mood, you could be doing something at the moment and they go ahead and do things on their own and create a mess. One thing is really frustrating for the person you are caregiving for is that there are times when they want something but they can't get it or get any help and If your currently busy or distracted at the moment you are late in arrival and they gone ahead and got feces all over the place or broke something you liked. That's also irritating, you could be thinking in your mind gosh I really need a break, but noone in the family will give me hand, or gosh I'm so tired I wish I had some help around here but deep down inside those thoughts become a burden create a dark cloud to your happy days there are times when it has you emotional. You begin to wonder why it is only you that will care for this person and deep down inside you feel like you are trapped, and that can lead to anger.
Sometimes you feel like life is going on without you, and the thought that other people don't have to be a full time caregiver is also brainwashing. You could see you're neighbor is outside having a romantic moment and deep down inside you're feeling lonely anguish that you would rather be having a romantic moment. You see it does something to your mind, body and soul. It effects your mentality the most, sometimes it can cause you to become stressed out which could cause depression and anxiety. Sometimes it can cause you to become vunerable to a illness or a disease. It does a lot to your health and your mind. It causes a lot of stress and you don't know how you make it in the end of the day, big question is how did you overcome such a BIG CHALLENGE? Sometimes you find yourself rewarding yourself because you feel great about your accomplishment and it makes you feel better to reward yourself, well I'm not going to lie YOU AND I we deserve a reward after a while. Getting our favorite food from our favorite restaurant, buying ourselves something nice, yes you and me both deserve it !! when you do nice things for yourself you also put yourself in a better mood so you can be a brave caregiver for your caretaker.
I hope this article helps you understand how exhausting caregiving actually is and that those who are overwhelmed right now are not selfish so if you know someone who is caregiving please do give a hand, help out in many ways as you can it does create a relief feeling for that person. Every caregiver is putting their lives on line to take care of a loved one, it is a beautiful thing.


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