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My topic is treating people the way they treat you, knowing you treat people so good but still didn't get a fair turn , people always tryna be selfish, sabotage and heart pain and miserable,but one think I can tell the world for sure ,do not let anyone tear you down, people is willing to test and try you but don't let them win you ,we living in the world of fair,shall not fair our enemy cause god is there to determine what will happen when people did you wrong, leave everything in Christ he will fix everything for you , only if you decide you wanted him to. And in order for him to do it,you have to start by fixing yourself,be the best version of yourself ,god always with us just remember you shall never give up no matter how hard things might be , just know Christ is with us true out that journey.If you seem to always fail , get up try harder you must success.... My version is to treat people the way they treat me
. You treat me kindly, and I treat you kindly,I go after base how you treat me, treat me right I'll treat you right.. I'll run the race with you and trust me I'm definitely winning cause I'm the best in the field.I know who I am ,who god say I am that's who I am, I'm a strong black woman,who concur, who's a survivor, and a living creator from god,


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    Apr 24, 2021

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