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Bold and undeniable.
And needed, 
unbeknownst to the perpetually ailing. 
Overlying the mundane.
Flying high above the ups and downs of the adversary romance.
Its pain is grand 
The infantile meaning of anything else is suddenly stark, and unrecognizable. 
Makes an animal out of you.
Blood rushing through cool veins when I see you.
Rivers of electricity licking the feeble body.
When it’s real. And ancient. 
It’s just there 
And you can’t shake it 
And you can’t reason with it.

Love comes over you, and you wonder where you’ve been all your fucking life. 
This feeling. This being. 
unhinging your grip
Best to soak in the cosmic cataclysm of God meeting itself once more. 
The great soup made of you, 
and whatever god forsaken idea you had of .. you, of life, of matter
Of capacity to feel 
Of pain, and optimism, and possibility. 
Tell me how does a child prepare for such a thing? 
Reconcile the fact that one day, his conviction will be completely and utterly useless
The walls will expand. 
The ground below him will die, and slip into non-existence. 
And suddenly fate will have its ugly and absolute way with him. 
War scries 
And life begins again. 

You know what kind of taste my appetite is whet for?


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