HispanicMakingPanic Written By: Romalis Read Count : 14

Category : Diary/Journal

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1. Michael Terruso is my Arch Angel,
He sets all the cholo boxers and luchas straight. 2.
90,000 Hispanic Boxing angels to knock Satan Out! 3.
And Mexican Lucha Gladiator angels which is 90 Billion of them to wrestle the dead and the demons. 4.
Michael and Estaban and Gabe Steel along with Gilbert Gayala and Ggrockz is the greatest KING in my presence he will blow Hell over never to be seen no more. 5. The Devil tried to corrupt GG’s mind to hatred towards me but I appeared to Him as an Angel of Christ His King speaks through this poem I am ggrockz King and all ye fighters shall worship my Great Name in the Heavens, The Earth, And The Boxing world below. 7. Any diseased sick boxer I will come heal thee with my power thru Christ and forever ye sickness will leaveth from thee...8.


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