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The proper functioning of air ducts plays a considerable role in the quality of air that your house receives. These channels are a crucial inclusion in nearly all homes that have an HVAC system since they are the pathways for heated and cooled air in and out of your house. Research by professional   HVAC cleaning agencies indicates that air ducts lose about ten percent of the air supply that is pumped into the home. Even though this percentage sounds small in comparison to the ninety percent that gets into the house, it results in extensive energy wastage, which ends up burning unnecessary holes in your pocket. If you are having trouble identifying whether you have leaking ducts or not, Sem’s Duct Cleaning provides some pointers on how to single out the issue.

Temperature Inconsistency

When the vents getting air to different areas of the house have holes in them, then it does not reach its destination and ends up getting lost in the artic and the other regions of the house. Walk around the residence to see where the airflow feels weak as it could be a sign of leakage.

Ballooned Bills

By now, you may have figured out an average of how much you pay in electric bills from the previous charges that have been made. If you begin to notice the bills taking an uphill climb, you may want to check and see if your  AC system  is functioning as it should. Having holes in the ducts causes the appliance to put in more work to get the ideal temperature you like in your home. In turn, the power that is used rises, which causes the spike in your bills. The change can be especially noticeable during the months of summer and winter when the heating and cooling systems are usually running constantly.


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