🌹The Time Of The Plague🌹 Read Count : 18

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Waves crashed against the edge of the cliffs 
Far away in the distance lay a desolate land
Lonely boats bouncing off and on next to a quiet and peaceful harbor
A sky so gray and gloomy
The sun was gone and gave no radiance
The clouds jumped two and two
The people sleep even the little ones
Or was it not so ...
The city was desolately quiet and empty
It had received its final verdict
What had happened ...
Maybe the plague has passed and swept with his dark veil over every man
So that this had ended in tragedy on land
A dark scent of the time of the plague had taken everyone's lives
Once upon a time had this been a beautiful country
with loud happy sailors coming and going at this lively harbor
Human life is so short and unpredictable
then the plague comes with its enormous speed


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