White Fire: Kumori's Revolt- 2 REUPLOAD 🔞 Read Count : 17

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Adult language. Not suited for young nor immature viewers.


Natsu has been gone for 9 months now. Inu and Kitsune had their daughter, Kumori, a little over a year ago. Celebrating her one year birthday. While Natsu was gone, Inu set off and started his revolt against the Blu Sea.

"No!" Kitsune yelled blocking the door, "it's Kumori's birthday coming up, you can't go out now starting shit with the government!"


"Kitsune, move your ass out the way!" Inu yelled putting gloves on, "this is bigger than both of us!"


"Your fucking daughter needs you in her life!" Kitsune locking the door.
"She won't have a damn life if I don't start this rebellion! Get the fuck out the way!"

Kitsune and Inu argued back and forth. She threw things at Inu. Shouting and crying at Inu bringing Kumori into the argument. Inu grabbed Kitsune and covered her mouth. He threw her on the bed and unlocked the door, "I'm doing this for her!" Kitsune looked away. "I'm doing this for y-"

"If you were doing it for me, you would keep your ass in this room!" Kitsune snapped. Inu closed the door.

Natsu received a letter from his secretary:

Dear Natsu,

Things back at home is hectic. Inu Hashigun has began his rebellion. He also had his child. So far your forces has everything under control at the moment, but we all fear that if you prolong your absence from duty Hashigun would over power your forces. That's all for now sir, hope you are enjoying your vacation.

Natsu anger floured up a bit then went down. He looked over at his niece and nephew. He smiled.


"Inu Hashigun, do me proud like your father." Natsu thought.


Inu and Chief Kinu argued all night. Chief Inu punched Inu in the mouth then grabbed him by his neck and threw him to the ground. Kitsune was in the other room holding Kumori and and comforting her. Glass breaking. Yelling. Hitting the walls. Breaking furniture. Both men were covered in blood. Yelling at one another.

"I knew you wouldn't be good for her!" Yelled Chief Kinu.
"How the hell would you know!" Inu snapped back. His eyes turning black. "Ever since her mother passed, I've been there for her!"
"You killed her mother! You couldn't control your damn fucking anger!" Kitsune's Dad yelled.
"I told your old ass I didn't do it!" Inu yelled back, "and if I did, it was a fucking accident you shit!"
"Learn how to control your fucking anger!" Chief Kinu snapped pulling his gun at Inu.
"I didn't kill her!" Inu put his hands up, "if I did it was an accident, not on purpose. But this death will be on purpose!"

Inu forced Kitsune's dad to drop his gun. Kitsune put Kumori in her crib and rushed out to the living room. She saw Inu completely trance and killing her dad, slowly. Kitsune rushed to Inu, holding his hands. She pulled him down; freeing Kitsune's dad. Kitsune kissed Inu on the lips and calmed him.

"Hey baby, its alright, I know you didn't kill her. I believe you. Don't listen to my dad, only listen to me, only my words matter. I love you babyboy." Kitsune calmed Inu. Her dad was breathing hard, catching his breath.

Next morning Inu left Kitsune's house. Kissing Kitsune and Kumori goodbye.

"Bye Kitsune.." Inu said softly looking in her eyes.
"Bye Inu.."
"Bye Kumori, Daddy loves you," Inu said in a baby voice. Kumori looked at him and giggled. She smiled.

Inu left, leaving their line of sight.

"Hope your happy now Dad, now Kumori won't have her dad at her first birthday party!" Kitsune walked into the house to their room.

Inu stayed with Kumi.

"Thanks Kumi," Inu greeted Kumi at the front door of her new apartment.
"Anything for you, Inu." Kumi smiled showing him to his room. "After all you did save me." Kumi said in her head.

"Fucking bastard." Inu said in his head, standing in the middle of his small room.


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