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It was cold and slippery on the roads all over the country. Therefore, I took it extra easy when I was on my way home that evening a couple of years ago. Because I had many long miles to drive on, on both large and small roads. I had been with my boyfriend who lived quite far from me, for a week, because we could not be seen that often.When I was going home that night, the sky was covered with stars. When I was little I remembered that I always felt a strange fear and emptiness inside me every time I looked up at the stars. And that feeling remained even now when I was older.
We stood there on the uphill slope of my boyfriend's plot. Below the hill end was the small red wooden hous that he once built with his father. And behind it was a small beautiful lake.During the day it was an idyllic sight. But right now tonight cold darkness, it seemed very eerie. Its house and lake suddenly became very spooky. The lake became even more spooky when I suddenly came to think of what my boyfriend had told me, when one day during the past week we had been sitting and had lunch at his house. While we ate pizza in his cozy kitchen, whose kitchen windows wet out onto the small lake behind the house.
Did he tell with great empathy about a legend that told that, several centuries ago, it was when neither you nor I were born, he said. There was a murder on the other side of the lake, beyond the forest that lay behind this lake. At that time, a lumberjack and his small wife lived in a small wooden cottage that was overgrown, next door. Because neither of them could manage the garden. Because they were both so old and sparse.But then suddenly one evening when the forest was asleep and all with it. There was a loud scream that cut like a knife through the silence in the forest, that night. And the scream came from the small cottage that was completely alone and deserted, not so far away this lake that my boyfriend was just sitting and telling about. Which he also now lived by. I thought in my quiet mind "that he dares to live by such a lake where there had once been a murder". For the scream was a cries for help. After all, anyone understood that.Someone was murdered by someone this eerie night. This night several centuries ago. Some say that it was the old woman who was thrown into the water well next to the cottage, by her old man. But no one knows so well. For legends are legends. But they are still creepy, I thought, sitting as I sat trying to enjoy my pizza that had cooled a long time ago because I barely got a bite to eat, when he told me about the creepy tale.
Now we both stood in the evening darkness and would say goodbye to each other for a while. We had been standing on the gravel hill next to my car for a while. So now I froze on my toes. But nothing warmed as well as his hug. Then I left with my car. At that time the car was not white. Then it was black and of a larger model and safe. Luckily it was when I would now have to drive so many miles home. And now I was on my way. The roads were almost empty on traffic.Only I came riding.It felt creepy and uncomfortable for some reason.The only thing that kept me company on the road were the stars.The ones I was afraid of.But it had to go, I thought.When the fuel gauge showed at last the stretch, I became worried and felt that I had to soon find a gas station. I went for a while longer. Suddenly I saw an unmanned gas station. How good I thought. And blinked to the right. And turned in. The gas station was lonely and deserted. And the road was empty.No cars. Not a soul was nearby. Only the forest and the stars seemed to be my only company this night.It was so cold.Around was just a desolate snow-covered forest.No ousch! I thought in my quiet mind.I have to refuel quickly.But it took its little time to get the tank full.
While I was standing there waiting for a full tank. I suddenly heard a loud scream. I was terribly scared. I looked around quickly, but saw nothing but the forest. The scream was heard again. This time I heard that it was not just a scream. It was a shout. Someone far in the forest shouted "help"! The shout sounded very pathetic. Usch! I thought. Well damn, I do not dare to stay another minute. Maybe I would still have gone crazy by the legends I heard from my boyfriend.I jumped in the car and drove on.By this time I had had to pee.But who had not become so when one has become so frightened by the broken silence in the woods, as I, I thought.But now I would just drive straight home.And do not stay one more time during this trip.Just home to the security and the hamster female who had her seven little cubs while I had been away. It was really an exciting experience, to see the newborn cubs in the cage than the creepy legend and the eerie cry for help in the wilderness, at the gas station. I thought that night when I crawled under my nice blanket and turned off the light.


  • Apr 27, 2021

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