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The widower
The first time I met Matt was when I was in the nursery.  I was doing nursery duty when matt came in to pick up his daughter. I was holding her. She was a little over a year old. she had fallen asleep in my arms.  
Another nursery worker told me to bring her to him. He was five foot 10. He had perfect posture. He was well-groomed.   He wore a blue denim dress shirt and jeans. He was an attractive man. He appeared to be in his thirties.  
I gently brought her to the door. the door was closed but the top of the door was open. He smiled. "She is Asleep. " I said. He picked her up. She started to stir. She whimpered. "It's ok hunnie. Daddy's got you," he said. she calmed down and went back to sleep. 
"I am kenzy by the way. " I said. "I am matt," he said. "Is this your first time at the church?" She asked.   "Yes, it is. We are looking for a church." He said. "I will hope you will give our church serious consideration. " I said."i will. "He said.
I saw that he had two other kids with him.  One was five and one was three.  I wondered where their mom was. Perhaps he was divorced. It never occurred to me that he was a widow. 
" it was good to meet you. "He said. " likewise. "I said. I said goodbye to him and the girls. I watched them go. A fellow nursery worker teased me about flirting with one of the dads. 
I thought about him that afternoon. I tried not to but I did. I wanted to get to know him. He was a visitor to Morrison community church. He might decide to go to a different church. I might never see him or his girls again. I tried to forget about him. 
I had. I had not thought about him during that week. I did not think about him that Sunday morning. I made coffee and had toast and cereal. I wore a purple sweater, black slacks, and sandals.   I was on the praise and worship team that week. We sang comtempery worship songs. Most you would hear on Christian music stations.
After the message, I was working in the room talking to various people.  I saw Matt and his kids. Nina, said hi. " you're on the worship team too?" He asked. "I like to be involved. The only thing they won't let me do is to preach or the lighting. " I said. He burst out laughing. I was shocked. It seemed so uptight. He had a rested stern face. 
"That a seemed very specific. Is there a reason why your not allowed to do the lighting?" He asked. "I don't like to talk about it. " I said in jest. He laughed too. "I work construction. I don't do lightning. I have an electrician I hire. " he said. 
"You work construction?" She asked. "I am a part-owner. I own 40 percent of my uncle's company. I am the foreman. my uncle is slowly phasing into the administrative end. He has mostly daughters and his sons are young. I have taken over. " he said. 
"I work at the coffee shop on sawer street. " I said. "I know that place.  Awesome." He said."so are you thinking of attending our church regularly?" she asked. "I think so yes. " he said."i am glad to hear that. We are a family-oriented church." she said."i can see that."   he said.
"Well, I got to get going. i want to get the girls fed and then nap time. " he said."oh definitely. It is good to see you matt." i said."you too kenzy." he said. I said goodbye to the girls.     
That Wednesday matt came into the coffee shop. "Hi, matt." I said."hey kenzy, do you have the ginormous order for a grant?" he asked. "It's right here. You just be heading to the site?" She asked. "You got it. We are renovating a house. we are ahead of schedule. We are burning the midnight oil.  We are trying to get it done today or tomorrow." He said. "Oh, awesome.  Which coffee is yours?" She asked. "The extra-large black hot. cofee," he said. "No.cream or sugar ?" She asked. "No. I like strong black coffee," he said.
"Well good luck out there," she said. "Thanks have a great day," she said.   He smiled. He left. "Who is that?" A co-worker named jess asked. "Oh, he goes to my church. I think he is a single dad. He had young kids. I have never seen a wife. He does not wear a wedding ring. " she said. 
"You two seem to have chemistry," Jess said. "It's not like that. I barely know him," she said. "Ok. " jess said.  
I did descend into daydreams.   I knew I should stop and pause. I did. I tried to not go there.  
That Friday,  I saw matt come in with the girls. "Day off today ?"  I asked. "I worked crazy hours this week. I am taking today off. We got the house done.  The owners are happy.  " he said. "That's great," I said 
"The next projects are much smaller. We will get to catch our breath a bit. We bit off a little more than we can chew with that one but it worked out." He said. "That's good," I said.  
I helped him with his order. He got some big donuts and munchkins. he got an ice cofee. He puts cream and sugar in his ice cofee. I teased him about it.      he said that you have to put cream and sugar in ice cofee. I laughed. 
My break came when Matt and the kids were still there.   "Can I join you?" I asked.   " of course. please. "He said. I sat down at the table." you must be tired!" I said."i am tired but it is a good tired. I feel like we accomplished something. "He said.
" so i feel like I barely know you.  Tell me about yourself," i asked him. "Well, i am a pastor's kid. I moved around three times as a kid. I have ten brothers and sisters. My mom grew up overseas on the mission field.  I am a widower. My wife died when Nina was six months. " he said. 
"I am so sorry. I wondered. I did not want to ask. You seemed to be a single dad. You don't seem like the type who would be divorced or separated but I did not know. " I said. "I am not to wear my heart in my sleeve. You could have asked. I would not have been offended. It is not a secret. " I said 
"How are you doing?" I asked. "Officially I am ok.   Unofficially I don't know. I am just numb. I don't know what to think. " he said. 
"I could see that.   You have to live with this every day .you are probably constantly reminded. " I told him. "Oh, I Am constantly reminded of it. I try to keep going," he said. "Don't give up. " I said. "I won't." He assured me.  
" I know we don't know each other well. I know we just met. I care about you. I am here for you. "She said. " thank you. I appreciate that. "He said. " you seem like a sweet man. "I said." We'll I have my moments. I am a bit stuck in my ways. I can be rigid but I try. "He said.   " you do fine. "I said.
" speaking of not knowing anything about each other, tell me About you?" He asked. "Well, I grew up in a trailer park. Half of my family lived there. I never knew my dad. My mom got pregnant during a one-night stand. She thinks she knows who my dad is but is not sure who he is.  I have learning disabilities. I barely got through high school.  I went to church as a kid. I stopped going. I started going again. I made a profession of faith a couple of years ago. I was baptized.  I have been pretty involved in the church." i said,
" what brought you back to the church? He asked. "Originally I was an atheist in a fox hole. I tried everything else. I wanted to fill a void. Even though I came for the wrong reasons, the lord used it.    " I said.
After a while, my break was over. "Thank you for letting me spend my break with you," i said. " thank you for spending your break with us.' he said. When they left I waved at them. They waved back.   
Jess gave me a dirty look.." what?" I asked. "There is nothing between you two?" She asked."well not at present.  Later on perhaps. "I said.
I did not know how his wife died. I did not know if it was a car accident or a medical condition. He did not volunteer that information and I did not press him. I figured that he would tell me when he was ready.   If he did not tell me that was fine. I suspected that there was more  I suspected there were things that he did not want to, that was fine. I wanted him to know that I was on his side.  It was none of my business. I did not want to pry.
I admit that I was curious. He was mysterious. He told me a little bit about himself. I knew a little bit About his background.  There were gaps. I felt like the gaps were intentional. It seemed that he was withholding information. I did not know why 
He has no reason to that him. he did not know ne from Adam. I was an aqqauntence at that point.  I wanted it to b more. I was interested in him dramatically. At least potently. 
I was boy crazy before I was saved. To my shame, I had slept around. The sense I was saved, that all changed. I decided to take a break from dating. I put everything into growing in my faith. I wanted to mary but I figured I could wait on it. Then I met Matt and his kids. 

I wondered if he felt like he did. Did he have feelings for me? Was he open to dating again?  Was he interested in me? I had no idea. 
The next Sunday, after the worship time was concluded,I left the stage. I looked for mat and his older daughters. I sat next to matt. He smiled. I smiled back.  
After the service, he headed to get Nina. " can I join you in getting Nina?" i asked. "Please." He said. We went down and got Nina. I walked with them to the van. I helped get the kids into the van. 
"Thank you kenzy." He told her. "Not a problem matt." I said."you're a special lady. I am glad I know you." he said. "That means a lot. I am glad I know you guys " I told him. I watched them leave. i got into my car.  
I was starting to care about them. That I was sure of. What direction I was going to go, I did not know. 
Next up
Kenzy learns more about matt.  



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