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When the morning woke up and came to life.Also and Ulltussen woke up too.My head was heavy.Maybe it was because the sleep had been extra deep this night.We lay and talked to each other as always before we got up Ulltussen always used to tell about her dreams for me when she woke up.It was always just as exciting to hear her tell about them.Every morning she had experienced a new exciting adventure when she stepped into the dreams.There could be just about anything happening, she said.I agreed and gave Ulltussen a kiss on her wet nose. Whether you wanted it or not, you were there anyway.
She could sometimes tell that she herself just sat on a mountain and looked out over a plain and watched everything that happened. But then from a distance, sometimes. She told me that sometimes it could feel safest like that If it ever happened she would have a nightmare. Like once, but then she had the misfortune to be the main character in the dream.That time Ulltussen dreamed that she and I and little mother were out in the woods and walking. ... suddenly she just felt like following the weathering of something among the thickets.So Ulltussen just forgot her two rugs.Mat and little rug where they went.could lurk behind the thickets.But she was not thinking about it right now.
She laughed to herself as she strolled forward in the damp grass among the thickets. She was happy and expectant out in the woods on a day like this.Of course, Ulltussen wanted the answer immediately. But you see, she never got to know that. For so far she never had time.just her, out in the woods. Strange, she still thought it was. That something that smelled so good wanted to wait so kindly for her on a sunny day like this ... but which now after a long hike had become evening. And the sun had disappeared far away on the horizon a long time ago now ... she suddenly got an unpleasant feeling.Thanks to her enormously developed sixth mind.Which she developed after so many years she had now lived here on earth.However, she was only 4 years old .
But for Ulltussen these years felt very many, she now felt that four coriander eyes looked with a sharp wishful eye on her, among the bushes. The coriander eyes came closer and closer to her.A snap was heard from branches or twigs when they approached her.But against Ulltussen they would only apparently, it was clear as a sausage spade in a saucepan. This beautiful day which now suddenly turned into a nightmare night for her.She had suddenly started to shake violently out of fear.
But ... hm..how strange it was not anyway, you might think, thought Ulltussen where she stood shaking like a white leaf in the forest. If there are now white leaves.But as I said, in a dream at night there is everything you should know.Ulltussen suddenly came to mind his mother and little mother, who probably a long time ago, by this time had started looking for their little white Ulltuss.Yes, they had been looking on all the roads and paths that could ever exist in this deep and tangled forest. But unfortunately not exactly where the Ulltuss was.And who was now in danger. For when she could see more clearly in the darkness of the moon's sharp light, the currants had taken shape of two nasty itchy wolves. Which just this week have been quite starving.For some strange reason,all the animals in the forest seemed on holiday.Or were they on green pasture in another world...However, the Corinthians were so wise that they knew that other worlds than this very fantasy world existed. Or it was someone other than the Ulltuss,who told the Corinthians another time a long time ago when he visited someone in this world...But now they were standing there,all three.Eye to eye, tooth for tooth, the Ulltuss and the two itchy creatures. Mm...you can maybe guess what happened next.


  • Apr 22, 2021

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