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Once upon a time, when the world was young and everything with it, a young girl met a young man. They loved each other and life played and the sweet time of summer was in full bloom.

That summer the girl would never forget. That summer she would forever remember in a special place in her heart. There it would be hidden until she would once again leave this world.

He was a good soul among all other souls in this soulless world. For the girl, it felt like he belonged to another world. Because he was not like others ...

It felt that way because he carried the goodness himself. His heart was good and his soul was pure .... therefore it felt to her as if he were really a saint coming from another world. And that he really belonged to the dead but that he had returned to our world to show our world what true goodness was. For the people of this world had forgotten all goodness for the powers of evil had taken over this world so that the people of this world had become so confused by evil itself that all the souls that existed here on earth only knew about evil. It had simply taken over power over our world. But that was certainly not the case, he was simply an ordinary living soul but carried on a greater goodness than many others.He was a carefree soul with a big heart.

The years passed and one day in July, more precisely five days before he would turn fifty-five, the man died at home in his bed of a heart attack at night when all the stars were loose over his dead body. His life did not last long, only fifty-four years passed. live here on earth that we once inherited.

When morning came and the warm rays of the sun returned after the balmy summer night, he now lay dead and cold in his bed. No one had missed him yet. The girl slept at home in her bed unaware of his passing. Everything was still as usual.

But when the end of the day came, the girl knocked on the man's door. No one came and opened it. The night came and closed like a dark blanket over the world one more night. The millions of stars in the sky dissolved the silent night. still lay dead and forgotten. The souls of the dead whispered to him ..... come .... come.

Again a new day came and once again the warm rays of the sun met the world. Bird song was heard in the neighborhood a bird song that meant that life continued. Once again the girl came and knocked on the man's door. Once again no one came to open. quiet and so quiet and so cold..his room was dark.A cold wind swept over the man's dead body.The souls from the other side swept the man with him to the realm of the dead far beyond the mountains ... they did not want to leave his soul .They wanted to take him with them to the other side .... to their kingdom.

The girl's knocks became more anxious the longer she stood outside the man's door without him coming and opening for her as he always did ... why did he not come to open ... She unlocked with the extra key she had to the deceased's home Her gaze was met by death. She felt a cold wind sweep past .....

Never again would she hear his happy laughter. Never again would she hear his funny jokes. Never again would his heart beat for her. Never again would they be together. Life ended. Her grief was great. The loss was unbearable. The veil of emptiness spread over her like a transparent cloak.

Life went on. One beautiful day in early May, she returned to the place they had both once been together. It was a beautiful quiet and calm lake. The water sparkled by the sun's rays. By the beach lay a large rock that once in the world had probably belonged to a larger mountain but which by nature itself had split and moved a bit away. The stone was perfect to sunbathe on and just enjoy the sun and the beautiful expanses far away on the horizon and the dense forest around it. there on the stone.The thoughts fell on the time they had had together.All fun moments they experienced.Everything was now a memory blue.Suddenly a butterfly came and sat down next to her then it sat on her outstretched hand.She looked at the beautiful the butterfly. It remained on her finger for a long time. It struck her that it was an envoy from the other side. It felt like it was "he" who had returned from the realm of the dead to greet her and show that he missed her greatly and wanted to be with her. She whispered his name to the butterfly. She whispered "take me to your world". After that the butterfly flew away, away over the shiny lake that lay still and quiet that carried the secrets of the deep once they hade together...


  • Apr 22, 2021

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