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Hello to all you writers that are on here on this platform we call writers outlet I think to say I'm a writer because I've written 3 books that I yet come to complete as of this day but I plan on finishing in my lifetime. I'm writing this to all you writers who Aspire to write something that will change you and in the process changing other peoples life and by change u can interpret that in your own way I'm not trying to say I have something written down that's going to change your life it might entertain you but I think that's about as far is going to go. Much like a soldier prepares to in bark off in a mission he must prepare himself mentally, physically and in some cases spiritually. I myself are preparing to go off like in a mission for say, I'm headed off to a cell I will call my home sweet home for i don't know how long I know what your thinking prison ? But don't worry vi didn't kill anyone. I just made some mistakes in my life that lead me to this place.I plan to spend my time right take advantage of the educational system they have in prison and get the most educated as much possible I have many plans for the futer and little time left in the free world to prepare .so in this journey I'm headed to I'm inviting you to take time to know me and follow me in this chapter in my life and you could also read some of my stuff and let me know what you think your feedback is always good .if you want to know more you can message me. Take care and keep on reaching for  your goals you could be the next big writers!


  • Apr 25, 2021

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