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My father screamed 

into my mother's face

 how much he hated her.

I cried tears

and my nose was pouring blood.

It dripped into the sink of the bathroom.

I was locked up in the walls

 of abuse and madness.

This apartment,

a smaller reflection

 of the outside world that I hide from.

It shook my inside

and the 5 year old girl in me

was finally dead

 that day at 6 am in april 2019 

She was in my blood

 and escaped through my nose. 

Now she's somewhere in the sea. 

After that, 

the teenager i am,

was more and more dying too. 

My innocent past self, 

my baby, was taken away from me, 

forever. And i couldn't even comfort it. 

I hadn't a chance to say goodbye.

I could have killed myself that day,

I saw how the childish part of me fully died....

but somehow

i'm still alive on planet earth.

That event showed me another connection

I have with the Man in black and white,

And his name is 'Coma black' 


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