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the test isn't over
Honestly i don't know when an end will be in sight.
Hopefully very soon.

I wonder if they throw stones at me or if I'm a huge rock that strains their trembling backs all the time we knew each other and especially right now.

I'm still floating up and down
between high and low.
This roller coaster ride
is twisting my perception
'cause everything seems to spin.

It's spinning like your own reflection on the surface of the water when you throw something heavy into the lake.

This may be another picture of a death
no one ever saw the message its trying to show
I have a very egyptian sense of what will happen after we died.
I'm Mrs. Believer in a world full of Non-believers
next time you need my shoulder to cry and to lean on, i'll seriously push you away,
i'll go away and will ask: 'but did you help me?'
I'll await a honest answer crawling out of your mouth like rats sneak out of their holes.
Say it and dissapoint me
Say it and make me feel betrayed once again
friends turn out to be chermante swindlers with pretty masks on their melting faces.
And the liquid tastes like lemon juice. 


  • May 02, 2021

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