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Do you Love their black lies written on blank, white digital screens?! 

Donald Trump is a scapegoat Just like me, a sinner just like me stained with bruises of grey stones you've thrown blindly!

Label me as Homophobic, a racist and sexist

Treat me like i'm only a piece of Paper, a genre of music, books or movies or a brand for clothes! 

Do you really Love Joe Biden, hilary clinton and the rest of the pedophile-pizza gate club?! 

You really love these blood drinkers, baby eaters, these wolves in sheep's clothing?! 


Would you drink adrenochrome too?!

What's so hard about tellin' me, goddamnit?!

Do you really love your idols and their demonic prophecies they confess to your damaged ears?! 

Stupidity must have grown on you when you seriously worship what's secretly working against you! 

You pay your own jailers to stay locked in a mental cage for a lifetime! 

Do you love your masks, your limitations and the Corona Virus itself too?! 

C'mon i'm waitin' for a single, little fuckin' reaction! 

Do you love being their dog with a muzzle around your mouth?! 

You're a manniqueen of silence, a portrait of slavery on two legs for those people watching above!

How is it to decay at home and get sucked into an empty shell  by inner and outer Chaos?

You're a Shame and you should feel guilty for doing nothing but sit on your dirty ass

I wanna hear you shout 

I want you to go out

Demonstrate against the Devils! 

I wanna notice your amount of anger that has built up! 

Finally stop being fearful and ashamed and do something against the new age of a coming dictatorship goddamnit!!! 

'Kill your mom and your dad, burn your school down and shoot everyone who's in there, let the Cops suck your dick or your tits and suffocate your boss. Set a bomb direct to the government's face and let them all explode.'


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