Ali 1:6 King Solomon Read Count : 13

Category : Books-Non-Fiction

Sub Category : History
1. “The Lord Thy God is thy Mayan Priest, 
He goes into The Temple to reason on thy behalf.”
2. “He sets forth a sacrifice of His Aztec Blood for His Heart was cut out when He passed away never to pass no more.” 3.
“Though He’s alive in flesh, He is a Spirit, His Spirit is that Great Spirit Of The West-
“He is The Great Spirit of all spirits.” 4. “Jesus is that Great GHOST of ghosts and whoever comes against Him shall be haunted by ghosts from Heaven.” 
5. “For He Said “Thou Shall Not Steal!” (Exodus 20:15)
6. “For those who steal from the dead-“
“Santa Muerte will rise up the souls from their tombs & she will bring every stronghold with her to taunt your mind in the nights/darkness”


  • Apr 21, 2021

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