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They begin when you're asleep
Random images are played out
Inside your head so vividly
It make cause you to shout

It could be a dream of you running
To win a race or catch a train
Or jumping through a field
All will cause your mind to strain

The heart increases it's pace
And the body begins twitching
The dream so real and intense
In the race you may be finishing

A dream could be gentle and calm
Of far away places never seen
The mind creates a picture
Of lands where you've never been

Sometimes a dream can be repeated
Perhaps it's of something you like
So much that your mind goes back
Maybe that day you first rode a bike

We wake up suddenly and recall
A vision still so clear in our minds
And remember almost every detail
What if these things could be a sign

And some dreams become a reality
A job a crush or winning some money
For whatever reason we have dreams
Alot of them it makes our life sunny


  • Apr 21, 2021

  • Apr 21, 2021

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