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   It wasn't to long ago I was faced with my own failures and forced to make the realizations I never wanted to. How precious life is and what justice really means for the heart of the people who are faced with them everyday. As a handicapped individual, I have seen both the good and the evil which lurks in people's hearts. When we are faced with the difficult reality of deciding right from wrong, and forced to make decision, how do we make that decision? The George Floyd Trials are now over, and Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all three accounts. Second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second degree manslaughter. His family now weeps for the Justice they've obtained, but how many more people must we protect in order to ensure our system follows the path it should? How long will it take, before the United States of America is finally the Utopia which we want to create?
   In my own heart I know that these questions are not going to be simple for the people to answer, but I do realize the answer won't be as simple as we want it to become. I've been listening to people with my heart wide open, and even though they may not see my sincerity, I believe they will come to realize this fight wasn't for nothing. The decisions I made were still unclear to me, until this moment of realizing just how important it is to care about the people around us. How important it is to realize the value of every single human life. It's heartbreaking that we must face the cold dark reality that people would judge someone simply by the color of their skin or act upon them differently for who they might be sexually attracted to. It's never right to judge someone simply by race, ethnicity, gender, or their own misfortune, but in the end some humans seem to feed off of hatred or try to manipulate others to weaponized them for self gain.
   Most people who have gotten the time to know me, see me as a decent person who cares about other people. On the surface, those who don't know me see me as a rough person who never stops and can come off not only guarded but somewhat ruthless. Both of these are true, but it is because of my own experiences which is forged me into this kind of person. Living with my own dystrophy has given me a window into seeing some of the daily sufferings of those people. Experiences, like having a cup of ice thrown at me when I was 13 years old and walking with limp that an amusement park. The true cruel experience of facing another human being who had no consideration for the kind of person I was, simply based off of the way I was walking.
   It wasn't too long ago I may have been willing to deny the existence of racial and equality, but was forced to live with the realization that existed in the hearts of everyone. It's not just about judging people by skin, or their parents, or their life choices, but it's actually about their entire being and who they are. It wouldn't be necessary for us to advocate for such things, if there weren't people who were making it necessary. With that being said, I don't think it's possible to eliminate all the evil of the world. Even though eliminating evil is impossible, we can teach people how to contain and release their hatred without bringing about suffering on other people. We can remind people of the value of other human beings, and how important they are to the society we live and together.
   I continue asking myself what steps for justice are necessary to ensure that everyone is treated fairly? In the face of these realizations, I can't help but wonder what will come next. I know it is possible to teach people how to respect each other through kind words. People fail to realize that my pain is not the same as your pain because we are still different. Even though we have our differences though, doesn't mean we can't share our pain and help each other survive. I believe the sunrise on which I have advocated for will come to pass, and those people I stood up with will always remember the marks each of us left on the world. Now we move on to the future and hope of creating a better world for everyone. Everyone deserves a better life and shouldn't be forced to suffer for things they cannot control.


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