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Death notes are dramatic love letters, sad truth tellers and selfish goodbyes. 
I've killed myself before, staring death into the eye with a confused look 'cause it seemed like i was dreaming. 
But when you believe in a after life, 
it 's coming like a kid running to you for a warm hug. 

I'm still not satisfied, 
am i asking for too much? 
Dear universe, please don't throw me into black, sucking holes
better send me Suns that dance with me the same steps. 
I don't wanna be alone in my smartness
Don't wanna suffocate in my overthinking
I've been hanging out with my beliefs a little too much 
Recently i really wanna put the little genius that's me into a nice slumber. 

Wanna live life a bit as someone who's stupid enough to grab happiness like it's some hooker on a dirty street. 
I hate slowly growing old on that bus stop that doesn't lead me to happiness but to a big, overthinking mind.

Before i had something to deeply believe in i never saw my own reflection in the Mirror glas, only a web of cracks. 
I was a motherfucking strong rock but now i'm all the stones and the sea they're in together. 
Now i could tear a mountain down. 

I'm craving suicide, i'm so drawn to suicide, you could say suicide is my role model or my crush. 

I want suicide! 
A suicide of regression! 
A suicide of all the Pressures i put on my mind like blood sucking leeches! 
I want a fireball blasting through my sadism and the Impossiblity of being happy too! 
'cause the sadist that i am makes me sad: i'm transforming love into a bird slowly losing all it's beautiful feathers.

Argh I just wanna be the fulfillment of my plans!


  • Apr 22, 2021

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