Boca 1:4 By: Romalis Read Count : 13

Category : Books-Non-Fiction

Sub Category : History
1.  He sheds His wool like snow; As He sheds His Powerful LOVE on us daily, everyday & forever more.
2. He brings back His wife after they’ve divorced. He hides no secrets from His lovers
He lies to no one.
3. He is a faithful and loyal husband to His spouses. He is that Machismo Lamb Of God.  When His FATHER was a CHOLO towards us
4. The Machismo Lamb stopped HIM dead in HIS tracks because HE was angry with the bride. So The CHOLO of cholos had tears of grief bargaining with that Great Ancient GANGSTER to have mercy on us so He cried out to His FATHER in a voice of an Arch Angel and as Moses stopped HIM for destroying The People Of Israel, Jesus stopped His FATHER.


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