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15 I got kicked out you took me in as a father figure. How did i get so lucky I always questioned. but you knew what you where doing you brought me into your home your family became mine nobody seen the devil in your eyes the sting in your hands the bite that removed my skin. You took us out on patrol at night we felt bad ass and got to drive you where the best father figure in my eyes. 17 came you decided my birth control pills wasn't good enough and put me on the shot I didn't understand why but you knew what you where  doing. Getting me ready for my life to stop little after new years you ended me as a teen broke my spirit in one night I couldn't fight  I was slipped a demon kiss I felt so off to weak to fight you murdered me that night. I felt you,smelled you and seen u in my mirror of over dose and cut up wrist.woke to your bruises bites on my legs and chest.  looking in my mirror full of image and fear you broke me that day father figure. you killed that girl I could of been happy and believedthe world was full of beauty. Then suicidal tendency  begin. sitting on my bed looking in the mirror in disgust questioning what I did wrong broken un strong the other me says this is for the best as I swallow death in different colors but my body didn't die just her, the one who had a father figure  who took her owned her till 18 I got  away grew strong challenges came challenges go you knew what you where doing and the pain you led me to. 12 years go by it never goes away but you didn't win I got my family I seeked for so long. I got my beautiful baby's and awesome husband I fought I won fuck you for what you've done.


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