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The quest for more has always been the peak of men,
As contentment call it a day for many.
With a bingo is a task done accurately,
After a pinch reveals the helpless state of reality,
Indeed, nothing seems untrue as realities of life.
Paul may plant and apollos water,
So in that light we are but the roots never sprout in the fragrance of sunlight,
We hold still, yet far close to the dawn of time.
We dig to find eartly treasures but Hell's pleasures we found,
As tornados grew making us grovel on the path where our feet couldn't stand again.
A cobweb is all you can see,
Laying it on as though it's a place of succor.
Alas! A little strands of lining you felt,
Your strength are no longer sensed for your weaknesses are fully fed.
Wake up! You are trapped already.
In this tide we roll,
From this tale we grew in the light of it's morals,
Beauty seems like perfection warding off our lies,
Beneath our beginnings lie our greatest lies,
But the utmost of all, truth lies in the end.
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines


  • Apr 19, 2021

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