White Fire: Kumori's Revolt- 1 REUPLOAD 🔞 Read Count : 11

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Sub Category : YoungAdult
White Fire is a Young Adult Fantasy. There will be adult language not sutiable for younger viewers or immature viewers. This will be the only chapter that will be low key on swearing. The rest will have profanity on a level that might be uncomfortable to a few viewers. 


"Hey you!" Shouted an unfamiliar voice. Inu looked back; he was holding Kitsune's hand, Kitsune was holding her stomach. The man pushed Inu out the way and stared at Kitsune intensely. He looked at her eyes then breasts then lower down. He backed up, "Ugh!" The man gagged, he walked off, "sl-'" Finish that fucking sentence! I dare you too."
"Who is going to make me!?" The man snatched his arm out of Inu's hand and grabbed his collar.
"Hashigun, Inu Hashigun!" He answered looking up with his eyes completely black with a blue pupil. The man let him go, and took off.

"Inu, you have to be careful." Kitsune said softly wrapping her arms around Inu's arm.
"I know," Inu paused looking up, upset. "But that asshat was going have his way with you and almost called you a slut!"
"Inu, its fine, the only words I care about are yours out of your own mouth." Kitsune reassured him.

"Natsu, explain yourself!" Yelled a deep voice.
"What do you mean, Sir?" Natsu asked, answering the mysterious man.
"Why did you let him stay, after he was boated!"
"He promised to take care and protect the girl and her child, Sir." Natsu answered with a straight face.
"You know our damn rules! No exception!"
"I asked the other Super Elite, Sir. She said it was fine, as long as he doesn't cause any trouble, and he hasn't for five months."
"Alright, I'll go talk Tenki about this. He can stay."

Natsu stood there until the man left.

Late at night, Inu and Kitsune talked about today.

"He made me so mad!" Inu complained, changing.
"Babe, stop, if you acted on him you would be boated and couldn't do anything about it. And not even my dad, and that's Natsu's favorite officer in his quadrant."
"Yeah, I know but he-"
"Shush and sleep," Kitsune kissed Inu and went to bed. Inu did the same.

"Shit!" Shizun shouted, "the last of the Hashigun Family, still here. He needs to leave so I can have complete control."

Natsu shook his head. "Taki! Get my boat ready!"


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