Art Is My Girlfriend Read Count : 52

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Art is my girlfriend

and my girlfriend has many faces

she is the hydra

With her colored petal eyes

she stares into the windows of my soul

her cloudy legs wrap around my waist

and her hot and frozen fingers tear at my hair

she wants my brain

She wants my head open

She finally wants to get home

But I banished her to the pencil's mine

and now she lies on the chest of my paper

Art is my girlfriend

she`s inside of me, but I spit her out

she leaves marks on my teeth and my tongue

i kissed a rainbow

I bit a rainbow

I swallowed a rainbow

Art is my girlfriend

her beauty comes in many forms

But it never fades

Sometimes she wears words or sentences

with many meanings

other times she disguises herself as a painting

and fornicates with the two occupied holes of my face.

Art is my girlfriend

slowly she becomes toxic

because when I fall in love with society it's cheating and unfaithfulness

i'm forgotten, spending time with my girlfriend

Until I die with my head on my desk

Until I die with my face in my notebook.


  • Apr 18, 2021

  • Apr 19, 2021

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