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This endless endeavor to protect the impious, but very clever,

Never has my righteousness been under attack, with such maliciousness,

Quietness protrudes upon the truths, this would regress the youths,

Proofs provide the serenity, to defend the identity of their transcendency,

Consequentially the unforseen was the narcissists smokescreen,

Gasoline from the kindred, now omitted what was unprecedented,

Imprinted upon my faith to trust those who relate, giving an escape,

Awake to the deceit they still cheat, having my empathy on preheat,

Incomplete and Ostracized, I'm surprised of how they've disguised,

Paralyzed with my trust lost, hearts of frost in a familiar holocaust,

Tossed into the fire I'm more than tired, unable to balance on the wire,

Liar after liar to make me drown, with no slowdown to this meltdown,

Rundown but not giving up, I'll never blow-up from this breakup,

Buildup from this horrendous disaster is accumulating even faster,

Forecaster calls for fire and floods, showering me with blood,

Love could break the storm, projecting peace and feeling warm, 

Worn, feeling cold, crawling mold of lies sold for the devils gold,

Told to believe everything that I see,
nothing's within reach,
my eyes covered in bleach, 
for I've been deceived. 


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