3RD LoLo 1:7 Rey Samálon: King Solomon Read Count : 12

Category : Books-Non-Fiction

Sub Category : History
1. “For times are wasted & there is no more LOVE on this Earth; for the love of many is all turned to dust.” 2. “For love & Romance is few, 
And marriages has lost their power for His Romantic Spirit is grieved with so much sorrow for He has signed a divorce letter for The World, and gave them over to their sinful perverted lusts & desires.” 3. “For He will judge the Adulterers in their hearts to be cast away to The Land Of The Dead (forgotten)!”
4. “Santa Muerte will grab their souls while asleep & asleep in their graves never to be woken no more.” 5. So whosoever wakens The Dead, LET THEM BE UCURSED by the spirits of the dead.” 
“For Holy Death will obey the commands of The Lord & they will die!”
“For whosoever breakeths the deal with their spouse shall be put to death.”
7. “And whosoever complains when they die, shall not complain when their souls are carried away to the abyss of darkness & the gnashing of teeth.”


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