Long Hot Road. Read Count : 69

Category : Poems

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My mind has gone a long distance
I can't feel my heart anymore
Life has put a hot load of loads in my trunk
I'm on a ride now travelling a long long distance
I don't even remember my self anymore
I've left self consciousness where I came from
I am pretty far from my place and still far away from my destination
Figuring how far I have gone would only mean me jobless
Figuring how far I have to go would only exaust me in less meaningful dreams
What are imaginations without arrival?
I'd rather be surprised by my destination and not lament how far I have to go
I'd rather take myself on a joy ride and think not about any consequences
Life has helped me; I've gone far; can't reach my heart anymore
Now I can ride without remorse.
My feelings have gone hard
Therefore no softness can find me to weaken me.


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