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Just a hug!
Shall spot me topmost
Tend me young

Just a hug!
Medicate dismays on me
Like tots off shadows

Just a hug!
Mops hot tears
Off my ridged cheeks 

With my head press to your chest
Your hair runs through my neck
Your hands caressing my back
It's a pledging love to last

We hug to load the air betwixt us
To fondle the relish of our love

The air grabbing us clutched
Is not the wind from the Sahara field
Neither the breeze of the Atlantic sea
But from the feel of our soul and skin

Chicks under cover
Your hug takes me under
As our hearts touch together
And beats our names forever

Let's die in a hug
So you end in me 
And me in you
A solaceful place we both know
To seal our love in our soul


  • Apr 17, 2021

  • Apr 17, 2021

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