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Close your eyes and imagine if we could'nt see,

I wouldn't recognise you and you wouldn't know it was me,

You wouldn't know what was black and wouldn't know what is white,

Ironically you would see the world clearer without the gift of sight,

No knowledge of the latest trends or designer garms,

No recognition of rolexes worn on peoples arms,

We would all be equal when we first meet ,

Not judged by the shoes we wear or trainers on our feet

Memories formed from sound and taste ,

Know every line on your lovers face ,

Hear the beating of each others heart,

As your bodies entwine in the dark ,

There would be no envy ,

There would be no greed,

On merit alone in life we would succeed,

How simple life would be without having sight,

Of course it's a gift to know darkness to see light,

So don't always judge someone by how they look,

In future stop and  take a closer look ,

For underneath someone can hide,

The ugliness they have inside ,

A person that's genuine and kind ,

Is something so hard to find ,

A gift to treasure and to keep,

As remember beauty's only skin deep


  • Apr 17, 2021

  • Apr 17, 2021

  • Apr 18, 2021

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