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Dear Husband

When there are dark times in my life,

Your smile couldn't come to soon,

For you I would steal heaven, the sun, the stars and the moon,

When you find life tough,

Count on me to pull you through,

I know I can do anything,

As long as I have you,

I can't promise you diamonds,

I can't promise you gold,

But I promise to always love you,

Hope together we grow old,

I might not always like you,

Sometimes you drive me mad,

But you're the only one that can make me happy,

When I'm feeling sad,

I know we've had our problems,

Our ups and our downs,

But one thing is for certain,

There's more smiles than frowns,

From the moment that I met you,

I knew you was the one,

You've given the greatest gifts to me,

Two daughters and a son,

Let's put the past behind us,

Where it does belong,

Enjoy the ride we call life,

To each other tight hold on,

Like you have always told me,

Let the people talk,

Hand in hand with heads held high,

When down the street we walk,

The day you knocked my door,

Must have been an act of fate,

As standing on my doorstep,

There you was, my soulmate,

All my love

Your wife's 



  • Apr 17, 2021

  • Apr 17, 2021

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