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What should you expect from a friend?
Someone who's there to the bitter end?
To pick you up when you fall down?
For wild nights out on the town?
For all night chats and coffee breaks?
Comparing your worst blind dates?
Sharing with them your darkest secret,
Only because your sure they'll keep it,
But now that friend has become that foe,
Hard to believe you were 'mates' not that long ago,
You refuse to believe or  acknowledge the fact,              
they placed that knife in your back,
When they say 'sorry' what do you do?
You tell them that you're 'sorry' too,
For giving them the time of day,
If you had known it would turn out this way,
For the first time ever you are speechless,
You took my kindness as a weakness,
You can't justify what you have done,
Did you enjoy it? 
Did you have fun?
I hope it was worth it in the end,
As now you have lost the title 'friend',
I could hurt you,
Call you names,
Happily play sick mind games,
Instead I would like to thank you,
For showing me your colours true.


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