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Why do you occupy my mind?
I can't make head nor tail,
As much as I try to hate you,
I miserably fail,
If I had met you through a friend,
You wouldn't be my mate,
In fact in all honesty ,
You don't deserve my hate?
I have so many questions,
That I need answers to, 
But could I trust you to be honest ?
As I'm being with you,
Why did you pick your hands up? 
Then swear they were by your side ?
When I saw your violent acts,
With my own two eyes,
Do you ever think of me?
As I often think of you,
Wonder how much damage you have done to me?
You don't have a fucking clue?
Do you remember to us?
What you use to say?
Shut up ,leave me alone or just go away,
There will come a time you need us,
It might not be today,
But the time will come,
Mark my words,
But you'll be old and grey


  • Apr 17, 2021

  • Apr 17, 2021

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