Fire And Ice Read Count : 22

Category : Poems

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She's my fire and I'm her ice she lays there sprawled out  handcuffed to my bed.  her skin shines bright Like a diamond. Her beauty in cased in my mind,her long hair perfectly shapes her face till I pull it up into a braid. Her body perfectly held in place. Wrapping my hands in her hair I kiss her roughly letting her feel my intentions our tounges dance with eachother. My fingers map out her body of art. Pushing her roughly back on my bed slipping my fingers into her part she's so excited I can telI her moist beauty dripping down her legs i keep my fingers roaming her g till her body arches with me. Let her loose she begs to taste my passion. Her head in between my legs her tounge taking me like I'm a possession. Her grip so strong like she's in charge I push her head deeper begging for release. She rubs my g spot  until I moan i arch my back my waterfall running down my crack we kiss again our juices a flow.


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