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Casting shadows over my spirit in tandem,

This deceit stalks me in memorandum,

A painful reminder to never trust phantoms,

Encasing sorrows spewed at me in random,

Finding the light only comes in glances,

Fading truths never have second chances,

Because guidance is being held ransom,

Skulking in circles as the devil dances,

Casting illusions concealed as platinum,

Concealed in the lies with slanted stances,

No empathy for those who are abandoned,

Suffocating the seekers in a bloodied canvas,

Losing sight of the bold truths needing glasses,

Because the empath is controlled by the satanic,

Pieces of reality are confusing and rancid,

As the proof slowly disappears into ashes,

The mounting illusion of a haunted mansion,

Is the sold fallacy that has been planted,

Within these walls crushing you in panic,

Suffocating yourself with poisonous gases,

Wishing to ignite all of the lies with matches,

The Entanglement within these perilous circumstances,

Enslaved you into debt of the fibbers evil finances.


  • Apr 15, 2021

  • This is amazingly written!

    Apr 15, 2021

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