3rd CHOLO 1:8 Read Count : 23

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Horror
3rd CHOLO 1:8 Romalis's prophetic word

1. O' Jesus! My spirit is shooken by you. 2. For I have sinned in the darkness of night; For your light was there in the midst of my perversion lusts. 3. My unhealthy passions burns before thee. 4. 
I am Guilty! as charge but Lord, please do not throw me in the brig. 5. Do not take thy Romantic Spirit from me? For I am lost in the seas of my tears. So God, please understand my pain and suffering for I am not HOLY like you are. 6. I am a disgrace unto thy Throne. 7. A wicked abomination unto thy sight. And though it rains and though it pours. You scare me so deep within where I don't feel any peace. 8.


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