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Meds they say they fix you like im broken choken down pills left and right so many colors, so many shapes how can they all fix you 1,2,3,4 they just wanna give me more some for my heart as it beats all wrong some for immmune system to make me strong some for my head so I don't see red, so I don't feel dead,so the tears don't shead. Some for emotion so im not a  mix of chaotic storms. Meds for pain to keep me sane so my body doesn't stress pills,pills,pills do they really help I really don't know they make me feel strange I still cry tears of darkness my heart still beats all wrong my immune system still week not even close to strong. The pain still lingures so I know it's there. I'm locked in my body and it's not fair Pills,pills,pills they will fix me right. Everyday is a fight all I see is pills in sight.


  • Apr 15, 2021

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