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   If you cannot recognize your own hatred or prejudice, you have no right to accuse others. It is not defined by one group or individual, but prejudice rests in the hearts of all people whether they understand it or not. It is not born of evil but of judgement and the poor ability to determine good or evil based on something you see. But this is a fallacy, because what you see on the surface is not always what is inside the depth of somebody's heart. Choosing how you view a person is just as important as making sure that you do not judge them based on what you see in front of you. It would be wise to say, one must fight the evil in himself or herself before fighting the evil of another human being.
   The strength of your character is not solely determined by you as a human being and not as anyone else who is judging you. It seems many people forget the evil in themselves is evident to those of us who have already fought the evil in ourselves. By defeating the evil in ourselves, we acquire a whole new picture of what everything means around us. Regardless of your own ethnicity, religion, or values, it is not all right to stomp on other people's values based on their race, religion, or even there gender. Still at the same time, it seems in this age people fail to judge good from evil and are incapable of understanding the necessity if taking certain actions. It is my hope in the future, we may find a way to put an end to the pain and suffering of all people without stripping them of their individuality or emotions. They are what make us whole, and an important part of our spirit.


  • Apr 16, 2021

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