White Fire 5: REUPLOAD 🔞 Read Count : 13

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Adult language. Not suited for young nor immature viewers.


"Rape!" Roared Natsu getting up.
"Yes sir.." The office attendant answered shaking.
"In my quadrant of boats?" He kept shouting and an illegal smuggling from a different cluster of ships!" She nodded. Natsu roared with anger. He went out to deal with the issues.

He first went to deal with the smuggling of goods. He took off his coat and cape; set it to the side. Fire filled his pupils, smoke escaped from his nose, sparks of fire came from his hands. The smugglers pulled out swords and guns.


"Hey boys look, its one of the dunbass Elites!" Shouted one of the smugglers.


"With no guards!" Informed another one, "easy ass picking!" Natsu kept a straight face. Not impressed. The smugglers ran at Natsu, "Easy pickings!"

Natsu stood there deflecting all the attacks. He melted the swords and burned the bullets before they reached him. He tied them up and set them near the dock.

"Alright." He paused, "Faggot, Asshat, Asshole, Fucktard, and Shitface!" "I'm going to kill you and burn all the shit you smuggled from The Titanium's!" They shook. Natsu lit the goods on fire and left to burn in the ocean. He later lit the smugglers on fire and left them hanging over the edge of the dock.

Natsu went back to the office.

In the morning two things happened. News stations and were at the docks talking about the murder of five men.
"We have found five men tied up, burned alive and hanging over a small dock on the fishing boat Aqua Inn. Three of them look like they've came from a different cluster of ships. We are still gathering clues and information for further news coverage."

"Fuck!" Natsu yelled.

Natsu received a call from one of the Super Elites. He was scollded by the Super Elite. Threaten. Natsu got upset and smoke came out of his nose and frustration. Natsu head out to the spot where the rape happened. While looking over the area, Natsu came across a small note on the ground with two addresses on it. He kept it and headed back to his office.

"Sir, another rape case." The office attendant told Natsu as he stepped in. Natsu, without raging, left quickly. First to a location outside his quadrant. It was a house, but nothing was going on there. He quickly went to the next place, within his quadrant.


Two men, one girl. They were cornering her, Natsu saw the look on her face and noticed she was covering her stomach. Protecting it. She started crying as she was pushed to the ground being abused. One attempted to take her shorts off before being kicked in the abdomen. Natsu took his cape and coat off, and walked towards them. The two men looked up, their eyes widen. Natsu saw a glimpse of the girls face, she was a friend of Inu. He torched their clothes off, and pushed them to the side. He picked the girl up and took her to the hospital.

Inu came rushing to her hospital room after getting the news. He held her hand tight and started tearing up. "Those assholes!" He yelled, digging his face into Kitsune's chest. She smiled and rubbed his head, "I'm pregnant..." Inu's eyes widen, the tears stopped flowing down his face. The whole room lit up, Inu smiled.

"Is it a boy or girl.." He asked nervously.
"A girl." Kitsune answered softly, "and I already have the perfect name for her."
"What is it?"
"Kumori." Kitsune answered softly looking up at Inu.
"Perfect." Inu said smiling with tears.

Natsu sat at his desk, he was visited by his secretary. "That was nice of you sir." He groaned and wave his hand. She smiled and left the office.


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