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I can't find the key to open your soul,
 I can't make you open with me.

  I feel this the way you act, 
The way you talk to me, 
The way you say certain words.

I can't pretend I don't care
 Even if I'm tired of telling you
 About things I don't like,
 But that you keep doing to me,
 Like you are deaf, dumb and blind.  

I can't get used to your selfish way, 
You never ask me if I'm okay.
You make me wish I didn't know
 Anything about you to make me better,
 Not to wait for you...  
 Without any change in the end of my everything.

From my beautiful dream you made a nightmare,
 From my love you made pain.
You demolished everything I built, 
Acting like crazy,
Acting like a selfish,
Aacting like them.


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