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Many years ago, a light came through to the world,
Which became the path to all tunnels of existence,
We believe in this light for in the creeds of our heart,
It surpasses all stances, knowing it is the fragrance of our awe's delight.
The light came and gave us a better future in the tides of today,
Clinging on its vibes like the tang of a circus.
Our very heart seeps through in the vein of this light,
Showing the very result of our past deeds in the bane of today's delight,
Seeping through our fingers like a droplet ink of a pen carver,
In the very heart of human template.
From the thread of this light on the path of men,
A story was shed from our ancestors to the very ones who couldn't conceive the notion of our faith in his prowess,,
That the light was a king, and he is a king born in a manger,
Whose name no one has ever bore,
His light came through and made ways in the heart of those ready to accept and believe in him.
With it, it's like a halo while to some it is a flashlight,
Of course it's not a big bang, apparently it's never a rainbow.
It is the very light that sprouted at the very beginning of existence,
It is the light that reeled down from the wips on his skin,
The very cut on his flesh, the shackles in his hands and the crown of thorns he wore.
His skin bled, his hands were pierced,
All for the transgression of men..
This we call Grace, this light we call our everlasting king,
The light we call our savior, the light we call our Omnipresent,
The light is no other person, His name is JESUS!!!
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines


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