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 once met a star she shined so bright I wished I could have her for just one more night. Her beauty so precious like a diamond in my hand. Her heart so kind so full of love im pretty sure she was sent from above. once a friend then became more she held my hand how we explored. skin so hot like its on fire. lips on ice like a a alcoholic beverage intoxicated by your smell so sweet and tastey like a treat. gluiding down my body  I'm about to sin sliding my hand to her precious mounds of skin so perky full of life. I suckle at her nips making her moan. her sound inviting me to her play ground. slowly moving my hand down her ribs to her tummy I give her a tickle she says taste my yummy. Kisses like a trail mapped on her body she begs for more till I reach her core. Kisses a lick no need for the dick. fingers so strong I touch her g she tries to wiggle from me. Wetness dripping down her thighs I stare into her eyes she so close I can tell. tightening in her body arches in her back I flip her on top of me giving her ass a smack. she moans so loud waterfall of cum trickling down her body and my bum


  • Apr 13, 2021

  • Apr 13, 2021

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