The Pain Wins Today Read Count : 22

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The pain wins today
I wake up to a dark weight like im an animal  being used as bait. I feel you, your here but I cant see you except a glare a darkness a fear.
How are you so powerful how can you take my time my days my years I question but nothing comes out. I lay there life drained  from me,tears stream my face a monster called pain is sitting on my back sliding its evil hands around my  neck pushing my head into the dark pillow of gloom  I reach for help but you can't hear me. I fight like hell I see a light its so far away I hear the word strength but pain whispers not today I win.


  • Honestly, this could use a lot of improvement. The words/phrases don't relate to each other, so they don't blend. It's messy, but not necessarily bad. I'm looking forward to your next writing.

    Apr 12, 2021

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