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Push for somthing big instead of being forgotten. Life doesn't wait on you to exist you have to be a do'er or fall. We come out as baby's not ready to crawl we lay there and sleep our bodies to grow it take so much time our body's so slow. We fight to learn to get where we need to be nobody blames you your just a baby. The time has come time to crawl they push you and push you till you exceed.  Next you walk they cheer you on. Then we talk but they expect more they wanna see you walk out that door off to school you go where they can brainwash u from all the gore. They paint a picture of beauty in your head before you know it 18 has come. You graduated but they want more they push you off through a college door. To do things you will never be remembered for. But what they don't  get its not about becoming some one big and unforgettable. The money you slip to the side line feeding the homeless helping the elder, helping the blind. Being a parent and carrying on a name those are the things u will be remembered for. so don't feel pressured to walk through a door just be the best you. You will be adored.


  • This actually resonated with me. I enjoyed reading it. 💖

    Apr 12, 2021

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