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Could this be the best of me?
If one's happiness reveals the hatred in me,
Praises sounding as psalms of condemnation to me,
Shutting every doors of opportunities calling it the true me.
When did i become impossible ?
When did my efforts become unaffordable ? 
I can't wipe my disable,
Nor put an end to my unable.
But with every drop of my ink,
With every calories i burnt while i think,
For every thousand love i gave that made me sink,
And for every step of faith i took which made me have a rethink.
I realized there's no one else i have to please,
Nor any burden i need to release,
But i just need to soak my past to get my future rinse,
And pray for Grace to make me a prince,
For a better version of me to be seen in life's scene.
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines


  • Apr 12, 2021

  • Beautifully written

    Apr 12, 2021

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