The Gangrene Soul Read Count : 18

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The systematic poisoning to my daily life has reached horrendous new heights,

This cancerous agony coupled with amplifying bereavement doubles the frights,

A neverending cyclone tormenting my agency, as I'm blown endlessly through the nights,

Covers any chance of rebuilding, as I'm attached to a crippling narcissist, hell ignites,

The insidious poison starts small, but the infection is here for the long haul, tiny evil delights,

Feeding the uncompassionate with the narcissistic supply of me the empath, with latched snakebites,

My skin starts to cripple with sinisterly Impugn thoughts that triple, she now gaslights,

Weakening my body and mind to conceal the movement of time, my healing comes from parasites,

The infection showed and takes its hold, for now she has gained control, the disease overwrites,

My skin is green and shrouded around my  soul that's now unclean, my suffering is her sadism that excites,

Her pitiless behavior to downgrade anyone with strengths and force shame, is a part you'd extradite,

Keeping this latched snakebite is how you would have died, unless you start with a ridding, taking slices,

Having the courage to rid the infection of the soulless, will bring more pain as you forcefully separate her devices,

No other way out, but tear the bond to scream and shout, a painful separation during these powerless fights,

Peeling the layers of heartache that trigger feverish headaches, the years of agony blend and unites,

Shaking uncontrollably as the realization becomes reality of her vicious deeds done atrociously, the devil underwrites,

The Gangrene infection is removed from the dilapidated Soul, so I can regain control, ending all firefights,

The painful healing process begins, but now I'll live because I'm free from another's sin, driving with my brights.


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