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If she has eyes for another........

It would take my eyes out , for the premise to have to witness this 

Try my best to walk with a void in my chest 

The void I was missing is being filled by another interest

All the wasted time I took to discover,

recover , and seek each other

Wish I saw that coming, I didn’t see at all

She had my back like a stool , It was a delusion


I come in a fusion ,of a loop of emotions and a ball of confusion 

I try to play it cool , but who I’m tryna fool man? 

Love is like a spool , taking the thread of our pictures 

Deleting them filled with heartfelt captions and scriptures 

This is a case of a Jane doe and a Joe Schmo with faded pictures 

I tried my very best ,To insist that I dismiss that you exist

Being the very part of the void in my chest that I once called my heart


  • Apr 12, 2021

  • Apr 12, 2021

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