Spitefulness Prevaricator Read Count : 17

Category : Poems

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The endless battles from the wickedness of an empty soul, uncaring and maliced,

Seeking vengeance from her self-reflection to gain control, tearing what's calloused,

Continuing her empty life with no purpose nor any sort of goal, wearing down unbalanced.

My many attempts to heal someone who is unrepairable, denying the inevitable,

The afflictions of my self sacrifice are becoming unbearable, horrifying and immeasurable,

Saving the mother from abandoning the children is charitable, glorifying but questionable.

Her self centered awfulness coupled with atomic self destruction, lowly and consuming,

Is pulling in everyone's innocence through her emotional seduction, unholy she's pursuing,

To keep the lies which keep her alive in her mindless dysfunction, lonely and using,

Nothing will grant her freedom from her self proclaimed hell, captive without bars,

Because the Spitefulness Prevaricator chose to become an infidel, unattractive with scars. 


  • Apr 12, 2021

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